Cover Board Type Feeder

Cover Board-Type Feeder, 4 lt

Cover Board-Type Feeder, 4 lt

  • Prevents humidity, air inlets for ventilation
  • Continious use for all seasons as a cover board
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with all beehives
  • 4 lt capacity

The product comes fully assembled, ready to use.

Product Description

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For liquid and solid feeding.
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This Feeder is designed as a Cover Board. It enables feeding without disturbing the bees and keeping the temperature inside the hive.
Air inlets on the feeder helps the air circulating in the hive.
Using this feeder prevents humidity. Therefore, no more need to cover the top with other material (nylon, fabric etc.).

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Additional Information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 50 x 40.5 x 4.8 cm

Technical Drawing