ERGO 250 – 2 Story Langstroth Production Set

20 frames in total
Brood Box: 10 frames / frame height:25cm / box height:26cm
Super: 10 frames / frame height:25cm / super height:26cm

Bottom Board with ventilating equipment, varroa trap and sliding pollen trap system with drawer.

The product comes fully assembled, ready to use.

Product Description

Advantages of the ERGO Serie:

1. good heat insulation
2. amply ventilated
3. practical usage
4. effective varroa trap without chemicals
5. healthy climate inside the hive
6. sustainable cleaning
7. comfortable transport
8. high efficiency
9. additional product harvest through extra equipment (e.g. Pollentrap)
10. economic life-time


Why the ERGO-hive?

Filled with special material, housing and roof of the Apimaye ERGO series provide a good insulation.
Through balanced temperature in the hive, the bee colony can hold and strengthen a stable size in different weather conditions.


One of the largest problems is the moisture in the hive. This often causes illness and collapse of the colony. The ventilation equipment of the bottom board constantly provides fresh air, a winter without collapse and balances the moisture condition in all four seasons.

Through vents on the feeder and edges of roof, the air circulates inside.

Thus moisture condensation is balanced on the inside walls of the hive.
Losses and overheating during transport can also be avoided.
Intensive and therefore shorter implementation of the nectar into honey.

  • crown board combined with feeder
  • handy frames
  • varroa-drawer
  • Pollen-trap
  • Pollen-drawer
  • multifunctional round entrance blocks
  • recessed grip on all sides
  • toggle latches

  • The bottomboard has a grid and control-drawer, which prevent the varroa mite climg back up.
    Due to the easy removal of the drawer, in which pieces of wax, varroa and other parasites, cleaning the hive is quick and easy.
    If the drawer on the bottom board is checked and cleaned regularly, worker bees instead of dealing with the now unnecessary care of their environment, will aim for honey harvest and thereby gain additional honey.


    The insulation and ventilation prevent fungi and moisture, allows the thermo-hive a lossless overwintering. The food-grade material used manufacturing the hive provides a healthy environment for the bee colony.
    he structure of the bottom board with grid and drawer has been tested succesfully many times for varroa control.
    The pollen trap is designed that it deos not harm passing bees under any circumstances.


    Cleaning the entire hive may be easily carried out with water and disinfectant. High-pressure cleaners can also be used.

    A rope guide on the cover offers a secure grip during transport.

    The hives can be stacked for transport and still ventilate through valves on their bottom boards. Overheating in the hive is prevented.

    A comparative observation of two colonies of the same race, under the same environmental and weather conditions, in the same season and with equal feeding showed:
    classical wooden hive: 16 kg
    Apimaye ERGO-hive: 24 kg

    The harvest from the Apimaye ERGO-hive is richer than other type of hives if correct beekeeping techniques are applied.

    The extensible system of the pollen trap integrated in the bottom board and its drawer, allows a good pollen harvest without harming the bees. Thereby in addition to honey, pollen can be another source of income.
    Pollen beads fall into the pickup tray, where they are collected cleanly.
    After the daily harvest, the pollen trap should be pulled out for 2cm.
    At the end of the season it is pulled out completely and sealed with its stopper to prevent possible looting.
    ERGO hives are manufactured from PP and YYPE according to the food code.
    With their stable structure, they are suitable for all weather conditions.
    They are anti-static and resistant to UV radiation.
    Compared to traditional hives they have a three times longer life-time in average.

    This full set consists of Brood Box (ERG324) and Honey Chamber (ERG524) of the Langstroth Standart with Handy Frames (ALD044).

    The constellation includes:

    • Thermo Hive Top Cover
    • Isolated Brood Chamber
    • IPM Bottom Board with pollen trap and air inlets
    • Stainless (INOX) Toggle Latches
    • Varroa Trap
    • Varroa Drawer
    • Bee Entrance – Winter&Summer and mobile positions
    • Multifunctional Round Entrances on all the chambers
    • Cover Board Top Feeder (4 lt – 40 x 50 x 4,5 cm)
    • 20 pcs Handy Frames (478x250mm)
    • 1 pcs Queen Excluder with spacers
    • ID Plate Holder

    With the equipment of the ERGO-hive, beekeeping is practical, healthier and more productive…

    (Please visit the Thermo-Beehive section for more details about this product)

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    Additional Information

    Weight 23 kg
    Dimensions 59 x 46 x 69 cm