DEFENDER 250 – Langstroth Brood Box

10 frames in total (optional)
Brood Box: 10 frames / frame height:250mm / box height:260mm

Bottom Board with ventilating equipment, varroa trap and external pollen trap system with drawer.

The product comes fully assembled, ready to use.

Product Description

Advantages of the DEFENDER Serie:

1. good heat insulation
2. amply ventilated
3. practical usage
4. effective varroa trap without chemicals
5. healthy climate inside the hive
6. sustainable cleaning
7. comfortable transport
8. high efficiency
9. additional product harvest through extra equipment (e.g. Pollentrap)
10. economic life-time
11. UV stabilizer


The constellation includes:

  • Thermo Hive Top Cover
  • Isolated Brood Chamber
  • IPM Bottom Board with air inlets
  • INOX Toggle Latches and Handles
  • Varroa Trap
  • Cleaning Drawer
  • Bee Entrance – Winter&Summer Position
  • Flight Board Sun Shield
  • Single color Flight Board
  • Frame Spacers & Stoppers
  • Queen Bee Condition Indicator
  • Cover Board Top Feeder (4 Liter – 40 x 50 x 4,5 cm)
  • 1 pc Uniting/Dividing Board

With the equipment of the DEFENDER-hive, beekeeping is practical, healthier and more productive…

(Please visit the Thermo-Beehive section for more details about this product)

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Additional Information

Weight 17.43 kg
Dimensions 60 x 49 x 51 cm

Technical Drawing