Bee Escape – 10

Bee Escape

Perfect for clearing a box of honey with minimal stress to beekeepers and the bees.

  • 10 exits
  • This plastic insert is screwed to the underside of a plywood board that has a central 3,3 cm hole.
  • Bee escape board is placed between the honey super and the brood chamber.

Product Description

The Bee Escape is used before harvesting honey, placed between the Brood Box and Honey Chamber (holes looking up) one night before the harvest. Bees following the pheromone of the queen to the Brood Box, can’t get back up. In about 8 – 10 hours the honey chamber should be without any bees and ready for harvest. If harvesting the honey is not possible due to weather conditions, bees can be released back to the honey chamber by pulling the metal release bar infront of the board.

(Usualy Bee Escapes should not be used more than one day on the hive; a test showed that bees may learn to force their way back again after a time and the a next attempt to use this equipment might not be effective.)

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Additional Information