About Us

Maye Ltd.,

was established to provide every beekeeper, hobbyist or proffesional, with the most modern and efficient equipment by following changes and technological developments of the Beekeeping sector worldwide.

As Product Development and Marketing Consultant of Yildirim Plastik Ltd., which developed the R & D project funded by TUBITAK, Maye Ltd. was awarded for innovations with the worlds first “Thermo Beehive” and has especially created awareness of the importance of the standardization and efficiency of beehives in Turkey.

Besides producing Thermo Beehives and Upgrading Equipments for Wooden Beehives by pursuing the principle to achive best quality, Maye Ltd. also has introduced quality products of worldwide known beekeeping equipment manufacturers to beekeepers in its range.

Concerning all the products available on this website; all tests and field studies were carried out by Maye Ltd. itself before being introduced, to meet the needs of the beekeeping sector.

With the aim to enable beekeepers having world-class products…

Muzaffer Yıldırım

Muzaffer Yildirim (Founder of Apimaye and Inventor of the Thermo Beehive)


2011 Argentina – 42nd International Apimondia Beekeeping Congress
“Best Exhibition Stand” – Silver Medal


2009 Bulgaria – Pleven Beekeeping Exhibition
“Innovation in Beekeeping Award”


2012 Turkey – Mugla International Beekeeping and Pinehoney Congress
“Contribution Award”


2012 Bulgaria
“Entrepreneur of the Year Award”


Bulgaria – Dobrich
“Contribution to Beekeeping Award”


Bulgaria – Dobrich
“Biggest Investment of the Year Award”


2012 Bulgaria – Pleven Beekeeping Exhibition
“Innovation in Beekeeping Award”

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